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October 2019

What Is The Legal Limit Of Alcohol When Driving?

Most people understand that you should not drive while drunk. This can lead to an assortment of problems. Not only could you be pulled over by a police officer for drunk driving, but you could also endanger others, and likely receive a DUI which may invalidate your ability to drive. These are the primary reasons that you should avoid drunk driving, and to do this, you need to be aware of the legal limit when drinking alcohol in your state. Let’s discuss what this legal limit is, and other reasons why it is important to abide by these laws.

What Is The Legal Limit When Drinking Alcohol And Driving?

If you have ever been pulled over for suspected drunk driving, the police officer will usually administer one or more tests. They may ask you to walk in a straight line, or they may simply have you breathe into a device called a breathalyzer. When this is done, they can analyze your breath and decide as to how much alcohol you have had to drink. The legal limit in most states is 0.08% BAC. This acronym represents the words of blood alcohol content. If you are higher than this limit, you will be, at the very least, arrested for the suspicion of being drunk while driving. This could lead to a DUI ticket.

Problems Associated With Drunk Driving

Some of these issues have already been presented. You will obviously be endangering other drivers on the road. If you are driving with people, such as your family or friends, you might be held accountable for their injuries, or even death, if it is shown that you were illegally drunk driving. If you are arrested, you will likely receive a DUI. In each state, the first offense results in a misdemeanor. Not only will you be fined a specific amount of money, but you could also spend up to six months in jail or both. This could also have a potentially detrimental effect on your livelihood, especially if you are unable to drive to work. It’s even worse for those that rely upon the ability to drive legally, such as truck drivers that make their money by driving across the country.

By being aware of what the legal limit is, you should be able to monitor how much you are drinking before you decide to drive. As a general rule, if you will be driving after a party, staying away from alcoholic beverages is the best solution. If you will be drinking, a designated driver who is not drinking should provide rides for everyone back to their home or hotel. By abiding by these rules, you can protect the safety of those that you know, as well as perfect strangers, and also avoid the penalties that you may experience if you are ever pulled over for drunk driving.

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