Is Driving While Fatigued Illegal And What Are The Risks?

Accidents, injuries, and deaths occur when people drive recklessly. Did you know that driving while tired can be classified as reckless driving? Have you heard of Maggie’s Law? If you get out there and drive without having slept in the past 24 hours, that means you can be charged with driving while fatigued.

Driving while fatigued, causing an accident and a death to occur can mean that you get charged with vehicular homicide. And in general, driving while you are too tired is never a good idea. You’ve likely heard quite a few people talk about drifting off to sleep while driving only to wake up after veering towards the corner of the road.

Maybe that has ever happened to you. You hear those stories, but they are from people who survived. What about the people who fell asleep at the wheel who didn’t survive? They aren’t around to tell their story. Don’t get behind the wheel when you’re tired.

If you’re on a long journey, and you start to get tired, find an exit. Pullover, get a hotel room, whatever you have to do. And if you aren’t able to drive at any other time of the day when you’re in your home town, don’t do it.

These days, there is Uber and Lyft. People also have cellphones, and no one would want someone they love to get behind the wheel when they are too tired. Yet people don’t view driving tired the same way as they would driving while impaired due to alcohol.

Yes, some people would drive while impaired and do, but most people don’t. Yet quite a few more people would drive while tired, and that’s not good. You now know that it can be considered driving while fatigued, and you could be criminally charged.

People often don’t think about the consequences, and they think they will be just fine. Yet not only would you be risking your own life, but you would be risking the lives of others as well. Is that enough to keep you off the road when you’re tired?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve driven while fatigued quite a few times, especially when I was younger. But it’s never a good idea to do so. Don’t be like me and tell others about the law after having broken it yourself. Set the example, and then you can make the road out there a little safer.

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